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Ocean Diver was set up in order to allow people from all walks of life to try diving and to further their diving education. We teach everyone from school children up to great grandparents and many of our students go on to achieve professional level ratings which enable them to pass on their love of diving and the underwater world to their respective students and friends.

We are passionate about diving and about the underwater world and all our staff actively encourage a responsible attitude to both diving and to protecting the environment.  Safety is of paramount importance to us, and with many years of experience diving and running diving operations around the world in diverse countries we feel we are able to offer you a safe and well structured learning environment. We are all committed divers and as such are constantly learning and renewing our own knowledge.  Our friendly dive club welcomes both new and experienced divers. We run several UK trips a year as well as trips abroad and we offer training and support for all levels.

We are dedicated to providing you the utmost in customer care, from a team that really cares about the customer. We take time with our courses, offering additional practice time. We plan your training around you and aim to achieve inclusivity in diving. If you would like to dive with the most friendly and professional dive educators in the south east, look no further!

Paul Davies

I started diving 22 years ago and continue to do so with a passion and love both for the sport and especially the marine environment. Over the years, I enriched my education and dive training to include specialties in deep and technical diving, my highest teaching qualification currently being that of a PADI Staff Instructor.

I work hard to increase awareness and love for our oceans by organizing a variety of courses and activities with groups such as the Nautical Archaeological Society and British Diver’s Marine Life Rescue, as well as having guest speakers at monthly club talks relevant to current issues. I have travelled around the world, lived, worked and dived in places ranging from the frozen ice pack north of the Arctic Circle to the tropics of the Red Sea & Indian oceans as well as both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.

Favourite dives? Far too many to mention, but under the ice, the Scapa Flow wrecks, Red Sea reefs, Whale sharks, seals, all of these and more are my favourites. Diving wish list? Got to be Truk Lagoon and the Galapagos islands.

Matthew Wright: Club Lead

Matt has dived all over the UK as well wider afield. He has nearly completed his Divemaster qualification but has fitted in tec training and running the dive club in between.  Favourite dives? Anything in a twinset penetrating a wreck! He quite fancies the idea of the Galapagos and the Truk lagoon!

 Stratis Karatjas: Padi Divemaster 274792

Coming from Greece Stratis has always enjoyed a special bond with the sea and has been snorkelling & free-diving most of his life, he started scuba diving in the UK in 2007. Stratis passed his PADI Divemaster's qualification in 2010 & loves to share knowledge and information about diving with others. Whenever family & work life allow, he will try to make the best out of the “Eat Sleep Dive” motto. Favourite dive? One of his most memorable and fascinating dives was out of Porthkerris in Cornwall in the middle of the night with the bioluminescence making the water seem as though you are swimming in green & yellow 'stardust'. Diving wish list? He is looking forward to the day that he can dive in the crystal clear waters of the sea with his two young sons who are currently taking their first 'steps' into diving.

Maryse Dare: Padi Instructor, 360799

I have been diving for about 12 years but it is only in the last couple of years I have started to explore the beautiful opportunities in UK diving. The draw to UK diving was the rich history associated with wreck diving and I am slowly working my way around the UK! A teacher by profession, instructing was a natural step and I love introducing new divers to the underwater world. I have spent considerable time in the Red Sea but I’ve travelled, diving in New Zealand, Australia, Kenya and the Mediterranean. Favourite dives? Got to be the Great Barrier Reef but also Plymouth, my first UK dive trip with stunning visibility and great wrecks. Wish list? Without a doubt the Galapagos Islands.

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